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Lifestyle Pocket Saver 2024 Pre Order Page

$60.00 (tax incl.)

Dear Lifestyle Customer,


After 7 years of the price of Lifestyle Pocket Saver being only $20.00, I can no longer continue this price.   For you to receive this bonus value in the past…you were getting 3 cards for the price of 2…which meant you were getting roughly $1,500 of dining value for about $13.00 each (3 cards).  I did this for 7 years with no price increase, although my costs climbed.

The 2024 Pocket Saver is now $30.00 each plus S&H…so the early bonus offer as of May 11, 2023 is purchase 2 Lifestyle Pocket Savers…and receive a 3rd Pocket Saver FREE.  The total cost for EACH preorder set is $70.00…which includes S&H.

  Here is the Early Bird offer that is only available for a short time.  Order here to enjoy the values of the upcoming 2024 Lifestyle project. 


EACH pre-order is $60.00 plus S&H ($70.00 total).  Make sure to state the quantity of your preorder.    (Your order is for 2 cards at $30.00 EACH…and that includes a 3rd card free…

Place your pre-order now before time runs out to take advantage of the added bonus offer.

This is a great undertaking, and involves a lot of time and effort…in return for you to enjoy huge values.

PLUS…go to our website…and post a positive testimony of your visits to our restaurants…and be entered into the drawing again for each favorable post!!! They will appreciate knowing about your dining experience with them.

We work hard to create this great value you for you…along with an added bonus to enjoy.

Thank you, Dennis

Lifestyle Pocket Saver

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