If you're free for dinner, dinner is free for you.™


Would you like to generate more sales with new customers coming into your business?  Would you like at the same time to participate and be known as giving to your local community through helping charities, school programs, civic organizations, etc.?  If so, Lifestyle Savings Book™ is the right advertisement and sales building program for you.  Over the past 21 years, many satisfied businesses have measured an increase in their annual sales through their participation in the Lifestyle Savings Book™ program.  The restaurants and advertisers receive great exposure and traffic from their advertisement that can easily be measured and tracked.  Restaurants are able to actually see people coming in with the dining card…knowing that their advertising is working.

Restaurants place a buy-one, get-one free dining value in
Lifestyle Savings Book™ and receive a full 2 page advertisement in the book.

Advertise in our Retail & Home Resource Section.

This section is for advertising various merchants in many categories.

Every year, Lifestyle Savings Book™ works with many active fundraising organizations to help them raise money for their worthy causes.  We work with school organizations, civic organizations, churches, athletic programs, booster clubs, business associations, and many more.  We also partner with many corporations that give our book to their staff for attendance and recognition awards and during the holidays.  We have many companies that purchase the Lifestyle Savings Book because there is so much value they are providing…PLUS…a great added benefit is the ability for us to place any Company’s logo on the front of the dining card.  This means that EVERY time the customer pulls out the dining card…they are reminded of the great gift they got.  The exposure to these businesses and these organizations is tremendous.

Lifestyle Savings Book™ also recognizes advertising the book is important to everyone’s success, therefore we further enhance our publication thru other various means of advertising as well.  The more exposure Lifestyle Savings Book™ receives, the more exposure your business receives.  There is no more effective and efficient way to expose your restaurant, casual dining establishment, entertainment venue or retail establishment to consumers than with Lifestyle Savings Book™.

Please give us a call and we will be glad to speak with you and answer any questions that you might have about our program.  We look forward to the opportunity to help you and your business grow and be even more successful within the community.

Thank you.  Lifestyle Savings Book 865-357-7488