Voodoo Brewing Company (Bearden Area) Reviews

Voodoo Brewing Company…(Bearden Area)

David J.

We made it to try Voodoo after other people in our office said they enjoyed it. Was a perfect day to be out on the patio. Good casual food and environment. Bloody Mary’s were delicious…and we want to go back for their Sunday Brunch menu. Dave J.

Voodoo Brewing Company…(Bearden Area)

Ed S.

This is a great deal as two meals will pay for purchase of card
If u want to eat out at all this is best deal in city.
My wife and I just found this new restaurant…Voodoo Brewery…and liked the food…and the casual inside area.
I have learned resturaunts I never would have known about. It will help ur life style and pocketbook . Covid 19 is over. Let’s go eat…Eddie S

Voodoo Brewing Company…(Bearden Area)

Ray D.

We visited Voodoo Brewery for a brunch. Didn’t know about it until we saw it on the dining card. The food was GREAT…and awesome Bloody Mary’s! We will definitely return. Loved their casual atmosphere. Ray & Tammy