The Village Yacht Club Restaurant

The Village Yacht Club Restaurant…(Tellico Village)

Kathleen R.

The excellence of our meal last evening at the Yacht Club meant I had to share our thoughts. Rarely does a restaurant deserve a 10, but every part of our meal justified that rating. My husband ordered a dish called Vol-Au-Vent. His huge portion was shrimp and lobster served with mushrooms over a puff pastry. I was ready to steal it until my own Short Ribs entree came.This scrumptious and tender beef was served with perfectly cooked carrots and green beans. Since vegetables too often are overcooked, I was so pleased with how impressive they were. Then add a wonderful waitress, Marietta, and we are eager to once more enjoy this meal from the Yacht Club’s winter menu. Make a reservation soon; you won’t be disappointed.  Kathleen R.